About Wycliffe Associates

Bible Translation Since 1967

Wycliffe Associates is an Orlando, Florida-based Christian nonprofit that has worked to make God’s Word more accessible to people around the world since 1967. Wycliffe Associates empowers national Bible translators to translate Bible verses into their native languages via the groundbreaking method of church-owned Bible translation, an effective and collaborative approach based on linguistic principles.

By giving Bible translators in remote locations the tools and resources to translate scripture into their native tongues, Wycliffe Associates opens avenues for others to receive the Word of God. Local churches take ownership of Bible translation projects from the outset and use the translated scripture for evangelism, discipleship, and preaching.

In addition to offering tools such as mobile translation apps, Wycliffe Associates provides translators with training, logistics, and volunteers to complete complex translation projects. The Orlando nonprofit is a member of Candid, an organization that tracks nonprofits and their spending so that funders know how their money is used.